British Leader Farage Points Out Parallels Between Brexit and Trump’s Campaign



The New American: “Nigel Farage (shown at microphone), former head of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), addressed some 15,000 Trump supporters in Jackson, Mississippi, on Tuesday night to encourage them in their fight against the Washington political establishment.

He drew parallels between the fight for Brexit, which he and his party strongly supported but which polls showed likely to lose right up until the day of the vote, and Trump’s fight:

You have a fantastic opportunity here. You can go out, you can beat the pollsters, you can beat the commentators, you can beat Washington, and you’ll do it by doing what we did for Brexit in Britain.”

Opinion: Although Brexit is by no means enacted upon as yet, Nigel Farage is correct. We have an opportunity to vote against globalism. And it may be our last.

There is no guarantee globalism won’t happen with Trump, but it is a certainty with Hillary; open borders, bigger government, wealthy to get much wealthier while the middle class watches jobs go to illegal aliens, and corporations leave the US in droves due to oppressive taxation.

Did I mention the Supreme Court?

Prophetically, it looks as though Hillary will win and Brexit will not be enacted. If the reverse happens, don’t expect globalists to just go away, it will just get ugly.

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