Can Israel Compete In The Natural Gas Race?


Oil Price: Israel is a nation that has built its economy on downstream industries, being traditionally bare of natural resources and primary materials. Now, thanks to offshore discoveries of massive natural gas reserves, the tiny Mediterranean country is hoping to change that.

Thanks to the estimated 2.1 billion cubic feet of natural gas lying in the Karish and Tanin gas fields, along with the previously-discovered Tamar and Leviathan deposits (found in 2009 and 2010, respectively), Israel is looking to become energy-independent for the first time in the nation’s history, and they’re not stopping there.

The economically ambitious country is already organizing a push into foreign markets, becoming an exporter of natural gas. more …

Opinion: I can’t help but wonder when I copy and paste paragraphs like the ones above, if the authors ever consider Israel’s divine appointment. That Israel, becoming energy independent in addition to becoming a natural gas exporter which will greatly prosper the tiny nation, is fulfilling prophecy.

“I will increase the number of people and animals living on you, and they will be fruitful and become numerous. I will settle people on you as in the past and will make you prosper more than before. Then you will know that I am the LORD.” Ezekiel 36:11 NIV

Ezekiel 36 begins the chapter with an indictment against the nations that made Israel suffer in the diaspora …

3 ‘Thus says the Lord God: “Because they made you desolate and swallowed you up on every side, so that you became the possession of the rest of the nations, and you are taken up by the lips of talkers and slandered by the people”—

And particularly Edom …

 therefore thus says the Lord God: “Surely I have spoken in My burning jealousy against the rest of the nations and against all Edom, who gave My land to themselves as a possession, with wholehearted joy and spiteful minds, in order to plunder its open country.”

Now comes judgment …

7 Therefore thus says the Lord God: “I have raised My hand in an oath that surely the nations that are around you shall bear their own shame.” 

Did you notice how important the land is and who has possessed it? In the coming days, the UN agency UNESCO will vote to expand Resolution 2334 (condemning Israel’s settlements) and declare the Western Wall a Palestinian possession.

Edom is Esau (Gen. 36:1) and I’m pretty sure God is not going to like it if Edom tries to possess even the outer Western Wall.

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