Israel 365: New regulations in Canada threaten to limit the performance of one of the most important Torah commandments: Brit Milah (circumcision). This would echo the horrific actions of the Amalekites, the eternal enemy of Israel, who were especially derisive of this essential aspect of the covenant between God and the Jews.

Then Avraham took his son Ishmael, and all his homeborn slaves and all those he had bought, every male in Avraham‘s household, and he circumcised the flesh of their foreskins on that very day, as Hashem had spoken to him. Genesis 17:23 (The Israel BibleTM)


The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba issued new standards of practice which, as written, would only permit a male infant circumcision to be performed in a medical facility or doctor’s office. The college says its proposed practice standard is being developed to minimize risks around a range of specific office-based medical procedures, with male circumcision among many outlined in the draft.

This restriction would go into effect in the fall and would effectively ban brit milah, the Jewish rite that was first described as being performed by Abraham in the Bible. Read More…

Opinion: Anti-Semitism comes cloaked in many disguises. Banning circumcision has ancient roots. In writing Antichrist: The Search for Amalek, I found that there was no mention of the circumcisions of Jacob and Esau. After months of searching I found the possible reason in the extra-Biblical ancient texts of the Talmud, recorded by Rabbi Louis Ginsberg who taught at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York for 50 years.

Chapter 1, page 27: 3500 BC Esau spurns circumcision 

“On account of his ruddy appearance he [Esau] remained uncircumcised. Isaac, his father, feared that it was due to poor circulation of the blood, and he hesitated to perform the circumcision.

He decided to wait until Esau should attain his thirteenth year, the age at which Ishmael had received the sign of the covenant. But when Esau grew up, he refused to give heed to his father’s wish, and so he was left uncircumcised.” source

Chapter 6, page 81: Antiochus Epiphanes King of Syria 175-164 BC

Antiochus Epiphanes is widely recognized by prophecy scholars as a precursor to the final antichrist, or the little horn of Daniel 8:9

In Antichrist: The Search for Amalek we gave him the title Antichrist #4

Antiochus regarded himself as Zeus, the Greek god; hence, his self-given title Epiphanes, meaning “manifestation of God” or “illustrious one.” His diabolical plan was to Hellenize Israel and thereby eradicate Judaism. He established numerous Greek cities throughout his empire.

In 168 BC, Antiochus stepped up his campaign to crush Judaism so that all subjects in his vast empire, which included the land of Israel, would share the same culture and worship the same (Greek) gods. Times of terror and persecution befell the Jewish people. He
quickly earned the nickname Epimanes, or “madman,” a play on the word Epiphanes. Decreeing that studying Torah, observing the Sabbath, and circumcising Jewish boys were punishable by death.”

In 2013, the children’s ombudsmen of all Nordic countries – Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway – released a joint declaration in 2013 proposing a ban on non-medical circumcision of male minors.

For Jewish people circumcision is not optional. Here’s why …

“And the uncircumcised man child whose flesh of his foreskin is not circumcised, that soul shall be cut off from his people” Genesis 17:14 KJV (emphasis added)

By the way, according to the Talmud, Jacob was born uncircumcised. The medical term is aposthia.