Canadian PM: ‘Islam is compatible with secular West’



Arutz Sheva: “Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of the Liberal Party has already made a number of eyebrow-raising statements since taking office last November, but on Sunday CIJ News revealed yet another questionable sentiment he raised twice in TV interviews in recent months.

In the message, Trudeau said the convention “is also about celebrating our shared beliefs in justice, fairness, equality of opportunity and acceptance. The work you do in communities across the country is what builds and strengthens our multicultural fabric.”

Opinion: Justice and fairness are the religious buzz words of the secular left. Both Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau use the words often to fit their pro-Palestinian, open borders agenda.

And isn’t it curious that Trudeau speaks of the secular west when 83% in the US and 67% in Canada identify with being Christian.

So just to prove that he is a fair and just kinda guy, Trudeau has proposed handing $15 million to the anti- Semitic arm of the United Nations (UNRWA) despite its well-documented ties to Hamas.

Must be for the tunnel building fund.

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