Catholic League: Pro-Trans ‘Equality Act’ the ‘Most Comprehensive Assault on Christianity Ever Written into Law’


Breitbart: Catholic League president Bill Donohue warned Monday that the Equality Act would “promote the most comprehensive assault on Christianity ever written into law.”

While its proponents insist that the Equality Act is about “ending discrimination,” it would in fact fundamentally alter the legal definition of sex to include sexual orientation and gender identity, Dr. Donohue argues.

The Act would also undermine the Religious Freedom Restoration Act by conferring special status on gay rights, prioritizing them over religious freedom and conscience rights, he added.

The Equality Act would also require healthcare providers to provide “hormone therapies and surgical procedures that are required to change the physical characteristics associated with sex changes,” Donohue observes, without regard for the beliefs of healthcare workers.

“It has become increasingly clear that the expansion of rights to transgender women — really biological males who identify as female — has come at the expense of rights for biological females,” Donohue adds.

“Boys and men would be allowed to compete in sports with girls and women, thus unfairly altering women’s athletics,” he writes. Moreover, “biological males can use the locker rooms, restrooms and shower facilities that have always been reserved for females.”

This would also mean that “Catholics, evangelicals, Orthodox Jews, Mormons, Muslims, and many other religious communities could not raise religious liberty objections to any of the aforementioned rights of transgender women,” Donohue warns. Read More