Chancellor: Austria Should Be Israel’s Partner And Ally


Israel Hayom: Sebastian Kurz made history twice this month: first as the youngest person to be elected chancellor in Austria’s history and head a Western government, and again when he included explicit recognition of the Jewish character of the State of Israel as well as Austria’s culpability in the Holocaust in his government’s platform.

This political precedent, in a country that for decades avoided admitting its role in the genocide of Europe’s Jews, is especially important in light of the composition of his government.

The 31-year-old Kurz’s conservative Austrian People’s Party has formed a coalition government with the nationalist Freedom Party of Austria, with which, until now, Israel has refused to have any ties as a result of its past Nazi and fascist ties. more …

Opinion: Donald Trump’s brand of bold nationalism (MAGA), and global leadership, is forcing world leaders to take a stand. Each day another leader seems to vie for one or more end time titles. Even though we do not expect to be here when the fireworks start (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18), it is fascinating to watch:

For the title of Antichrist:

There is good reason to keep an eye on a 31 year old Chancellor of the same nation that birthed Adolf Hitler, who has a coalition party partner that was founded by the Nazi Party.

Sebastian Kurz says on one hand that he wants to foster ties with Israel and the Jewish community, respects Prime Minister Netanyahu, and on the other hand resolutely says he will not move the Austrian embassy to Jerusalem. Period.

Since Donald Trump’s election another interesting candidate stepped onto the world stage that could vie for the title:

France’s 40 years old statesman Emmanuel Macron, a former Rothschild banker/ardent globalist backed by George Soros, who, hold on to your hat, was trained in the Jesuit school system but remains godless, is a socialist who preaches open borders (“the French culture does not exist”), exults Islamic immigrants, and was endorsed by Barack Obama.

While we are at it, we cannot rule out Barack Obama, who was voted the most admired man in the world for the 10th year in a row (here), and embodies the heart and soul of globalism. With a few tweaks in the governing structure of a floundering UN, Obama could easily be talked into coming out of retirement.

For the title of False Prophet:

Pope Francis’ brand of globalism, complete with having been the first world leader to open a Palestinian embassy on European soil, called for a divided Jerusalem in his Christmas message (in violation of God’s warning of judgment Joel 3:1-2). He is odds on favorite for the role of False Prophet (Revelation 13:11-17).

For the title of Gog:

No analysis of global tyrants would be complete without Vladimir Putin as Gog, the prince form the far north who forms an alliance with Iran, Turkey and North African allies to attack Israel over some form of plunder (Ezekiel 38-39).

Satan plays himself.

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  1. Kurz, much like many western national leaders, claims to be a Christian. Much like Angela Merkel, Elizabeth May, Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, and so on. The western world has seen a very lengthy list of leaders who have claimed to be Christians (and have claimed their countries to be Christian nations), however, they lead their nations down a very liberal, Israel-hating, anti-Christ type of path.

    Does Sebastian Kurz have certain qualifications to be the Anti-Christ? Sure. Does Donald Trump have certain qualifications to be the Anti-Christ? Sure. Putin? Trudeau? Macron? Sure. They all have some qualifications for that infamous position. I believe that AI (Artificial Intelligence) also has some qualifications to be the Anti-Christ. Of the more obvious contenders to the throne of Anti-Christ, I have done extensive studying, and discovered that Vladimir Putin meets all biblical qualifications for the Anti-Christ. Then again, I am certain there are several others who will rise to power with all qualifications for that title before the rapture occurs.

    Everyone who has ever been leader of a western nation has at least some qualifications to be the Anti-Christ. Especially the ones who make claims to be Christians. Running for office and claiming to be a Christian normally makes you a “trustworthy” person in the eyes of the citizens. Thankfully, born again Christians will not be here to live through the period when the Anti-Christ rules the world with evil hand.

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