China’s big four banks, StanChart, ANZ to join yuan gold benchmark



Reuters: “Top Chinese banks, alongside Standard Chartered and ANZ, will be among 18 members to join a new yuan-denominated gold benchmark that signals China’s biggest step towards becoming a price-setter for the metal.

As the world’s top producer, importer and consumer of gold, China has baulked at having to depend on a dollar price in international transactions, and believes its market weight should entitle it to set the price of gold.

The yuan gold fix, to be launched on April 19, is not expected to pose an immediate threat to the gold pricing dominance of London and New York, but it could ultimately give Asia more power, particularly if the Chinese currency becomes fully convertible.”

Opinion: In last Saturday’s post “Demonic arches in New York/London April 19”, we said this: “The transition (natural year – transition from darkness to sunlight) from winter to spring begins March 20. In ancient Rome, the festival of Mars (March), the god of war, was celebrated and that period from March 20-April 20 (Hitler’s birthday/Mohamed’s birthday) has seen numerous tumultuous events.

In addition to historic events such as the start of the Revolutionary War (April 19, 1775), the Civil War (April 12, 1861), the period of March 20-April 20th has seen its share of world changing events since 1983.

  • Terrorist bombing of American Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon April 18, 1983
  • Waco/Branch Davidian fiasco April 18, 1993
  • Columbine school shooting April 20, 1999
  • Oklahoma City bombing April 19, 1995
  • Virginia Tech shooting April 16, 2007
  • Boston marathon bombing April 15, 2013
  • Brussels terror attacks March 22, 2016
  • Future: Opening of the Temple of Baal in New York and London April 19, 2016″

I first discovered the days of aggression surrounding April 19 from a financial report that I have followed for years: Insiide Trac by Eric S Hadik:

Excerpts: Eric’s last two reports:

April 12, 2016: “As discussed for almost 20 years, the Date of Aggression (previously referred to as Date of Infamy) is April 19th… and the days immediately surrounding it. In the NE United States, it is also known as “Patriots Day”… which dovetails with one of the dozens of reasons for naming it the Date of Aggression. “Patriots Day” commemorates the shooting of the first shot in the Revolutionary War/War for Independence on April 19, 1775. April 19th also represents the first shot in America’s Civil War.

However, the true significance of that particular day predates the Revolutionary & Civil Wars by many centuries… even millennia. It incorporates everything from the ‘birth’ of the Roman Empire to the Passover and the corresponding astrological calendar transition involving the bull & ram (sacrificial animals). It is also linked to occult practices as well. It is not the distinctions among these many events that give the Date of Aggression its significance, but rather their similarities and overlap.

And, similar to yin & yang (though sometimes more similar than contrasting), the start of the period – that culminates on April 19th/20th – is just as important… if not more so. Let me explain…

On an astronomical calendar, the Vernal Equinox (March 20/21st) represents the beginning of Spring and the start of the Natural Year. [Note: In 2016, we experienced the earliest start to Spring since 1896 – another powerful validation to the 40-Year Cycle & its over-arching 120-Year Cycle. It actually arrived late on March 19th, for those of us in the Central Time Zone.]

The period between March 20/21 – April 19/20th marks a very important transition period in each year. It is linked to various means of measuring time and has physical (natural), celestial (astronomy), metaphysical (astrology) & supernatural (Jewish & Christian commemorations) implications.

So, at the very least, it is a time to watch each year for signs of ‘change’. In many ways, April 19th acts like a deadline for determining what to expect in the coming year. As such, the days immediately preceding (and sometimes following) it show the greatest amount of activity and volatility.”

Update April 13, 2016: “Market action is slowly, but steadily, validating the focus on April 19th (and the days surrounding it) for another shockwave. This new Natural Year (NY 2016) began with the Brussels Bombings – powerfully reinforcing the conclusion that we are entering a tumultuous period in 2016/2017 (and on into 2021).

The culmination of the first month of that Natural Year (March 20/21st into April 19/20th) could see corroborating events, leading into next week. However, as I have detailed before, other decisive events – first ‘shots’ in a metaphorical sense – have also clumped around that date.

According to (April 13) Reuters articles, one of them has been confirmed… the Shanghai Gold Exchange’s launching of a yuan-based gold fix – on April 19th:

While some are touting this as the date for the collapse of the Dollar, Gold going to the moon, etc., it is more likely to be a ‘warning shot across the bow’ – targeted at London & New York. When looking back, it will probably be viewed as the first shot (or at least the next shot in an accelerating salvo) against the West’s deteriorating control over Gold & its pricing.

Since 2013, China has been taking repeated steps to wrestle financial control away from the U.S. and the West… but they are also being careful to make sure all their ducks are in a row – before they fire the big cannons. This (yuan-gold fix) will be the latest. I suspect there are still several more to align before China makes their ultimate intentions obvious.”

How interesting that reproductions of the demonic arch that stood in front of the Temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria are going to be erected in Times Square and in Trafalgar Square, that will coincide with an occult festival related to the worship of a demon named Baal.

The arch will be on display on April 19, 2016.