Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?


Halloween is almost exclusively an American secular holiday, but most who celebrate it have no concept of its religious origins or pagan heritage.

Our attitude should not justify the secular tradition of Halloween; nor should it be one that seeks out evil intent where there is none. Instead, we should strive to glorify God in all that we do. Whether we go trick-or-treating, attend a Harvest Party, or ignore the day altogether, our actions should reflect God’s leading on our own lives.

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  1. To be honest, I didn’t click the “here” to read Pastor John’s article. Oops. I would have responded somewhat differently – basically to say that it is probably an older article. Maybe even last year it would have been ok, but my, how FAST things change.

    And, yes, Editor, it’s crazy to see these adults get so into Halloween. I don’t even know what to say to them, honestly. Once again, I don’t understand it, but i know it saddens me. They say ignorance is bliss, but I think the devil coined that phrase. Blessings to you and Author!

    • Hi Shelley,
      I agree with your Comments re Halloween. I initially didn’t want to do a Post for that day, but Author thought we should.
      I researched around and found these comments on John MacArthur’s and gotquestions sites. I remembered that we used to let our boys put on costumes, as long as they weren’t ghoulish, of violent nature, etc. They loved getting that free candy!
      And, you’re right, as we matured in our faith, I realized that it is a compromise to participate in any way with that day.
      Have you noticed that it is mainly ADULTS who love to decorate and dress up for Halloween? Bank tellers, grocery store cashiers, DOCTOR’S office staff, all of these adults were dressed up heavily that day. I went to the doctor’s office and it was decorated with skulls, hatchets, webs, sinister pumpkins, etc…
      Children just like any costume so that they can get candy. Adults don’t have that as an excuse.

      So, we are going to remove the Post, since we don’t want to perhaps mislead anyone.
      Thank you for reminding us that we are to be separated from the world, even though we live in it.

  2. Although I let our kids go out trick or treating when they were little, I wasn’t a mature Christian then. I am definitely against even acknowledging the holiday now. It is a slippery slope. It is in most of the churches now. We prayed for a nurse at my mom’s place so she could find a Christian school for her 6 year old daughter. She told me last week her daughter wanted to go to her school’s Halloween celebration (during the school day) as a devil. She nudged her to pick something less dark and sinsiter, but thought it was humorous. Most people do not realize the level of evil our there right now. When we are soon gone, this world is going to be immersed in the most supernatural horror those in Hollywood can’t even imagine. So, no, I don’t respect supposed mature Christian’s or supposed Christian school’s decisions to recognize the holiday. For immature Christians, I understand it comes from ignorance. Why do we still think we have to go along with the world as Christians? Does anyone remember when we were different? Friendship with the world is enmity with God.

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