1. My brain may be frozen from the foot of snow we just got, but I’ll bet my snowblower that Her Evilness and Co. are spouting off about “Fake News” as a preemptive strike to counter their deserved comeuppance about to descend, God willing. From Mena, AK to the body count to pedophilia, the Clintons have gotten away with far too much for far too long. I pray that Trump not only “Drain the Swamp” but also give the American people deserved justice—you know, putting criminal elitists in prison like many average Joes have been sentenced to for lesser crimes. THEN we will be equal under the law. It’s not a coincidence that sites like Breitbart are under fire after reporting NYPD’s investigation into the pedo-ring. Pray that they follow through, are kept safe from the “Arkancide” machine, and finally give the corrupt Clintons et. al. their just desserts.

    • I agree, DC. Lots of prayers for Breitbart. I have been praying, and will continue to, for Gert Wilders, and sadly, those haven’t been answered as I would like. Looks like free speech may be totally gone before AC even arrives. We have to be going home soon.

  2. Hold it right there, Author. Much like the Zapruder Film, if you slow the footage down you can see something going on. She was under fire when she got off that plane. A dandelion struck her right temple. That same dandelion then proceeded to ricochet off her temple where it struck an aid between the third and forth rib. Then, the dandelion came off the rib, turned and hit the poor aide in the right wrist. Now here’s where it’s gets weird: That same dandelion then traveled off the wrist, paused in mid-air, made a left turn, and landed on his leg.

    So, it’s all in how you define being “under fire.”

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