Common Bonds Between Islam and Catholicism


Editor and I were brought up in the Catholic church. When I first heard Mike Gendron on Jimmy DeYoung’s Saturday radio program, he reminded me of the spiritual journey that we began over 25 years ago. I encourage you to visit Mike’s website to sign up for emails.

From Mike’s website:  For over 34 years, Evangelist Mike Gendron was a devout Roman Catholic and a strong defender of the “one true church.” He was taught from a very early age, to trust and rely on the church, its priests, the sacraments and his own good works for salvation. However in 1981 while attending an evangelical seminar, he realized the Bible is the supreme authority for knowing truth.Common Bonds Between Islam and Catholicism – Mike Gendron:

Will the world’s two largest religions converge and be the catalyst for the prophesied one-world religion?  At first glance, the two faiths appear to be vastly different but under close inspection, they have more common bonds than differences. In 1994 the Vatican issued a publication entitled: “Spiritual Bonds Which Unite Us: 16 Years of Christian-Muslim Dialogue.” After extensive study and research, I put forth 10 common bonds that will help unite these two religions.

1. Both Esteem and Honor Mary – Muslims and Catholics both call her, “Our Lady.” and venerate her as a pure and holy saint. Mary is mentioned more in the Qu’ran than the Bible.

2. Both Seek Messages from Apparitions of Mary – Many of the messages make it clear she is coming for all her children including Muslims, Catholics and Protestants and that people of all religions can be saved apart from Jesus Christ as long as they are good.

3Both Are Anti-Semitic –  The Vatican has issued over 100 anti-semitic documents and taught that the Jews should be cursed because they killed Christ. Muhammed’s words recorded in a hadith say, “The last day will not come until the Muslims destroy the Jews.”

4. Both Embrace Another Jesus – Catholicism has a counterfeit Jesus whose death on the cross was not sufficient to save them.
Islam also has a counterfeit Jesus (Isa) who did not die on a cross and is not God, only a prophet.

5. Both Seek World Dominion – Both religions rule with an autocratic government and have a history of forced conversions, and killing those who oppose them. Could these religions which control people with indoctrination, intimidation, and fear be a precursor to the rule of Antichrist?

6. Both Deny the Authority of Scripture – The pagan beliefs of both religions stand opposed to the Bible. Muslims reject the Bible as the final revelation from God declaring that God has revealed a final testament: the Qu’ran which is their supreme authority.

7. Both Use Prayer Beads to Avoid Punishment – Catholics pray the rosary to remit punishment for sin. Muslims use 99 beads that correspond to the names of God. Praying to Allah five times a day is an act of obedience to escape the punishment imposed on those who do not pray.

8. Both Take Pilgrimages to Obtain Favor from God – Catholics take pilgrimages for religious purification and the promise of indulgences. Muslims take pilgrimages to Mecca, a mandatory religious duty that must be carried out at least once in their lifetime.

9. Both Have Human Mediators – Catholics rely on the priesthood to dispense salvation through sacraments and seek Mary to intercede with God on their behalf. Muslims rely on the intercession of Muhammad on judgment day. He will prostrate himself before Allah who will say, “O Muhammad! speak, it will be heard; and be given; intercede, and it will be approved.”

10. Both Have a Works-Righteousness Salvation – Allah will place one’s good and evil works on the divine scale: “Those whose scales are light are those who lose their souls in hell” (Sura 23:102,103). In Catholicism, sacraments, good works and obeying the law are necessary for salvation.

These two religions represent a huge mission field with nearly 3 billion precious souls. They need to know the true Jesus and submit to His Word as their supreme authority. Only then will they repent of their works-righteousness salvation and believe the glorious Gospel of grace. As ambassadors for Christ let us sow the seed of His Word.


  1. according to walter veith, who has a teaching about this on youtube, Islam was created by the vatican, in sending one of their nuns, who had been a wealthy woman, to marry mohammed, and she nurtured him into getting his “visions” and writing the book.
    it makes sense to me, as he says, that the purpose was to have a ready killer of jews and true believers in Jesus, and that purpose hasn’t changed.
    the other interesting thing I find about catholicism is that it resembles judaism to me more than christianity, the more I have learned about it.

  2. There is one other similarity. The global powers-that-be have had a hand in controlling both religions throughout history. While Catholicism may or may not have been nothing more than a creation of government, Islam actually is a creation of global government.

    Actually, another similarity would be that the grand majority of followers of both religions know very little about the true God or even what is taught in their own religions. Many just blindly follow. And Satan is only too happy to lead blind sheep to the slaughter.

    • I agree with you, psalm 37. certainly the govt of emperor constantine had a huge role in creating catholicism; as for islam, I would say the specific part of global govt that created it would be the rcc itself, or the vatican, according to walter veith. I’d say islam is mostly controlled by the vatican (as well as a ton of other things in society). And, when I was a catholic, I did indeed not know God or much about Him nor much about my religion; just grew up in it. Once I left it and became born-again, I learned a ton about God as well as the RCC

      • Thank you for joining BPT News. We caution you in quoting Seventh Day Adventists or making broad statements without having specific proof. Your points should be backed up with Biblical or historical evidence.

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