Confidential David Brock Memo: Defeat Trump Through Impeachment


Washington Free Beacon: ““No other progressive organization has the resources and assets that American Bridge has amassed over the past several election cycles to hold Trump, his administration, and the politicians accountable,” the 44-page confidential memo states.

“Only Bridge stands ready with staff already hired, Trump’s web of business ties mapped out, and a massive video archive at our fingertips.”

According to the private and confidential memo, Brock plans to defeat Trump “through impeachment,” using American Bridge, his liberal super PAC, as the main vehicle to do so.”

Opinion:  The attacks are going to come non-stop. Every action/overreach that President Obama was given a pass on will become an impeachable offense for President Trump. Undoing the damage done by the most destructive president in US history will enrage our enemies both foreign and domestic:

Middle East – Moving the US embassy to Jerusalem could touch off a large scale regional attack against Israel with prophetic possibilities

China – could use North Korea’s ICBM/nuclear tests to get back at the US for tariffs on Chinese exports

Domestic issues – The Obama administration set a record by issuing 97,110 pages of regulations for nearly 4,000 new federal rules, at an estimated cost of nearly $350 billion. Here are the first regulations on President Trump’s hit list:

Repealing and replacing Obamacare.

Ending DACA and DAPA amnesty – after president said at least 22 times that he does not have the power to make such sweeping, unilateral moves such as granting temporary legal status to illegal immigrants via executive order, he did precisely that. By superseding  the nation’s immigration laws, Obama illegally granted amnesty to thousands of illegal immigrants.

Ending a blizzard of job killing executive orders giving the EPA the ability to charge a tax on carbon emissions by illegitimately reinterpreting the Clean Air Act to achieve its policy.

Ending the job-killing globalist free trade schemes (TPP/TTIP) that would have handed Congressional authority to world trade organizations and globalist judges to handle disputes between member nations.

Renegotiating NAFTA

Ending Executive Order 13672 forcing Federal contractors to violate their religious beliefs by forcing them to use vendors who disregard the religious teachings on marriage and gender identity respective to their denominations.

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  1. Haha! I agree totally, VS. I am wondering if Pres Trump wasn’t elected for such a time as this – to stir things up so that it can be seen that the thoughts and intents of men’s hearts all over the world are only evil continually. And why would that be?? So that final judgement might fall. Whatever is truly taking place behind the supernatural curtains, I like what I am seeing thus far. Obama’s statement about having a phone and a pen is finally working in our favor. Thank the Lord.
    Thank you for all you do, Author and Editor!

  2. The task is so monumentally huge and fraught with danger I’m surprised he wanted the job. While I am thankful we have a bulldog willing to do the job, I still find it amazing the man had no hesitation. With the mess he inherited, who wouldn’t hesitate?

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