Congress Backs Obama’s Racial Education Agenda



The New American: “GOP leadership and establishment Republicans in Congress stabbed their constituents in the back to ensure the success of Obama’s radical “education” agenda and codify it into federal “law,” all while deceiving the public about what the legislation actually does. Now, Obama administration Education Secretary Arne Duncan is even boasting in public about the GOP betrayal that one Democrat lawmaker celebrated as a “miracle.”

And Obama called the bill a “Christmas miracle” before signing it.

While it may be a miracle to Big Government and Obama’s agenda to further federalize and dumb down American children via government schools, the massive bill, known as Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), represents a disaster for real education, children, parents, liberty, and the U.S. Constitution.”

Opinion: Despite a demand to shutdown the Obama agenda in the landslide Republican Congressional victory of 2014, the president has gotten everything on his list to Santa approved. Now this.

The king will do as he pleases.

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