Congress Rips Obama on Cover-up of Fast and Furious Gun Running


The New American: Despite leaving office without facing justice, Obama and his top administration officials are still not out of the woods yet on the “Fast and Furious” scheme to arm Mexican drug cartels under the guise of conducting an “investigation.

This month, the House Oversight Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee released a damning report blasting the former administration for the scandal and the subsequent ham-handed attempt to cover it up, including obstruction of Congress and shady dealings with the press and victims’ families.

Many key documents are still being withheld. Unsurprisingly, the establishment media has completely ignored the latest developments in the explosive story. But with more facts coming out, activists and victims’ families hope former officials involved in the deadly gun-running program may still be brought to justice for a wide range of crimes.

Opinion: The damage done by this man is not over. The total disrespect for his oath of office and complete disdain for the rule of law is unparalleled in American history.

Over the past six years since the gun running operation, massive amounts of evidence have emerged pointing to it being a criminal operation designed to blame the Second Amendment for gun violence.

Just one year later, Obama made no secret of his continued attempt to repeal the Second Amendment by sending John Kerry to sign the UN Arms Control Agreement hours after the 2012 election.

When Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, was subpoenaed by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform for relevant documents, Holder’s DOJ refused to produce them, citing “executive privilege.” The House voted to hold Holder in contempt and filed suit to obtain the documents.

Border agent Brian Terry lost his life due to Fast and Furious, and neither Obama nor Holder have been held accountable.

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  1. Thanks for the great story, but is anything going to be done about this or the other scandals? He was a liar from the very beginning and He’ll continue to lie while the worthless MSM still tries to pin something on Trump. I’m not holding my breath to see any of “them” brought to justice for “anything.”

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