Corbyn Vows to Immediately Recognize a Palestinian State If Elected


Algemeiner: Speaking at the British Labour Party’s annual conference in Liverpool, leader Jeremy Corbyn announced that he will immediately recognize a Palestinian state if he is elected prime minister. At the same time, Corbyn sought to reassure British Jews, with whom he has been locked in a bitter conflict over antisemitism in the party’s ranks, that they are still regarded as “allies.”

“In order to help make the two-state settlement a reality we will recognize a Palestinian state as soon as we take office,” Corbyn told the assembled delegates in his keynote speech. more …

Corbyn received a standing ovation for his pledge.

Opinion: Psalm 37:13

The wicked plot against the righteous
    and gnash their teeth at them;
but the Lord laughs at the wicked,
    for He knows their day is coming.

London’s murder rate temporarily overtook New York’s for the first time in March, as Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan has come under increasing pressure to take action.

As a result, Mr Khan and Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn have pointed the finger at police cuts rather than an open door to migrants from terror nations.

London’s crime rate has skyrocketed 23% under the Muslim mayor, as British children began using anti-stab backpacks:

Is it therefore no coincidence that the Palestinian ‘knife intifada that began in the West Bank in 2015 complete with charts and diagrams on how to stab a Jew with the maximum effect is now overtaking London.

Image result for stabbing intifada

The attacks took the lives of 38 Israeli citizens and 238 Arabs. In London there have been 1299 stabbings up to the end of April 2018.

With Theresa May’s government hanging by a thread, an anti-Semite is waiting in the wings.

God help the Brits.