Could ‘Paliwood’ blood libels lead to Israel’s annihilation?


In this week’s “Middle East News Hour,” Caroline Glick is joined by Amnon Lord, senior columnist at Israel Hayom and one of Israel’s foremost experts on the Israeli left. Caroline and Amnon discuss the Palestinian and international community’s use of blood libels to demonize Israel and legitimize the mass murder of Jews, in the context of the death of Al Jazeera reporter Shireen Abu Akleh in Jenin last week.

Although it is beginning to appear that Abu Akleh was killed by Palestinians, as Glick puts it, “That’s no matter. Israel is being blamed internationally by the United States, the United Nations, Egypt—by the media all over the place.”

Behold, He who keeps Israel Shall neither slumber nor sleep.”

She says it reminds her of the Muhammad al-Durrah incident in September 2000, which served as a catalyst for the Second Intifada.

Al-Durrah was a 12-year-old Palestinian boy who, like Abu Akleh, was killed during an exchange of fire between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian terrorists. A snippet of footage shared by a French videographer made it appear as though Israeli forces had intentionally murdered the boy. However, it emerged upon investigation that the fatal bullet had not come from an Israeli weapon.

“I don’t want to commit myself to say that the Palestinian intentionally shot the child because they wanted the picture,” says Lord. “But at least it can be said quite confidently that neither Israel nor the IDF soldiers fired the bullets.”

But just as in the case of Abu Akleh, it didn’t matter.

Glick and Lord also discuss how Abu Akleh’s death could spawn even more of an upsurge of terror if used strategically by the Palestinians.

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