Crackdowns on Social Media: Twitter Suspends Candace Owens, Alex Jones, Ron Paul Institute’s Director


Zero Hedge: One day after what appeared to be a coordinated attack by media giants Facebook, Apple, Spotify and Google on Alex Jones, whose various social media accounts were banned or suspended in a matter of hours, the crackdown against alternative media figures continued as several Libertarian figures, including the Ron Paul Institute director, found their Twitter accounts suspended.

Horton was reportedly disciplined for the use of “improper language” against journalist Jonathan M. Katz, he said in a brief statement, while McAdams was suspended for retweeting him, he said. Past tweets in both accounts were available to the public at the time of the writing, unlike the account of Van Buren, which was fully suspended.

According to TargetLiberty, Horton and McAdams fell victim of Twitter’s suspension algorithm after objecting to Katz’s quarrel with Van Buren over an earlier interview.

The suspensions come days after Twitter suspended black conservative Candace Owen from Twitter for highlighting the algorithmic hypocrisy of Twitter by replacing the word “white” with “Jewish” in a series of tweets modeled on those by New York Times editor Sarah Jeong.

And just after controversial conservative Alex Jones, and his podcast InfoWars, were kicked out from most social media platforms, prompting conservative to accuse the social networks of collusion in a collective crackdown on non-mainstream voices. more …

Opinion: I waited a day to weigh in about the suspension of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones (Infowars) from Google, Apple and Facebook, Twitter and now Spotify (whatever that is).

The emperors of the tech universe are having fun letting us all know who is really in charge of communications. A flashback to Tim LaHaye’s “Left Behind: Antichrist, Nicolae Carpathia”, took control of all media:

“All banking, commerce, religion, and government will start and end right here,” declares Nicolae Carpathia. “The greatest challenge in the world is in communications. We have already begun rebuilding an international network…”

I am curious as to when/if my video “The First Terrorist” might draw a suspension on Facebook since we point to a people group that is highly favored by the progressive media: Palestinians.

Censorship became mainstream with the Obama presidency and even a cursory reading of Bible prophecy indicates that as the time of the tribulation approaches an even bigger crackdown is likely.

The beast in  Revelation 13:1 is Antichrist. He will control all forms of media, all forms of commerce, and with his religious leader (Revelation 13:11), will control religion.

My, my, that sounds a lot like Shariah.