SUNDAY STUDY: Creation Witnessing


Why would a chance universe obey any laws whatsoever? God has promised to uphold His universe in a consistent way for our benefit (e.g. Genesis 8:22, Jeremiah 33:25).

“Adam and Eve took the “modern” approach; they wanted to interpret the world apart from supernatural revelation. The question of what were the qualities and nature of a particular fruit and what effects from eating it might result, were “scientific” questions to be answered by independent research apart from the Word of an authoritative Lord.

Why should we repeat their error? It should be obvious that if man, before his disabling fall into sin, needed God’s supernatural revelation to interpret his world properly, how much more do we who live under the effects of sin! The methodology of Adam and Eve, being inspired by Satan, has come to be exalted and followed by all unrepentant sinners and is the substance of “science” as commonly conceived.” Dr. Greg L.  Bahnsen, “Revelation, Speculation, and Science”

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