Cuba’s ‘Reforms’ Are a Myth



The Daily Beast: “Hundreds of Cubans crowd the Embassy of Panama these days. Hastily they copy the recently relaxed visa rules that hang on signs outside of the closed iron gate. Through Panama they hope to reach the U.S. Annually, some 30,000 Cubans receive residence visas, without the hurdles that other migrants have to pursue. In addition, in 2014 an estimated 20,000 Cubans illegally made their way over to the archenemy.

In 2015 this number increased by 77 percent. It shows the skepticism with which the Cubans have welcomed the diplomatic thaw announced by Obama and Raul Castro at the end of 2014. Despite trade restrictions easing, these people are trying to reach the U.S. before the Cuban privilege would die on a green card. Since December, Cuban doctors are required to ask governmental permission for a trip abroad again, a measure that had been abolished in 2013.

Where most of the immigrants were once family members of Cubans in Miami, now mainly they are young professionals try to reach the U.S. At a pace of 50,000 immigrants, Cuba loses 1 percent of its active population every year—not a gift for the already ailing economy.”

Opinion: Our post from Friday calls this the most expensive junket of Obama’s presidency, with some 1400 people in the entourage that will occupy 1200 hotel rooms.

The infusion of millions of US dollars into the Castro brothers pockets will not bring even one benefit to the United States; not even the extradition  of convicted cop killer Joanne Chesimard, the convicted killer of New Jersey state trooper Werner Foerster.

Chesimard, now called on Assata Shakur, is on the list of the FBI’s most wanted terrorists for her role in the killing of the trooper during a turnpike gunfight in 1973. She broke out of prison six years later and fled to Cuba, where she was granted political asylum.

What will happen is a big boost in the legitimacy of the thug government of Fidel and Raul Castro and a message  to Communist governments that they have a friend in Barack Obama.

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