‘Death panels’ resurrected under 2016 Medicare rules



WND: “You probably remember the controversy over Sarah Palin’s charge six years ago that the Affordable Health Care Act would include “death panels” that would ration health care, effectively deciding in some cases who lives and who dies.

The assertion by Palin, the former Alaska governor and GOP vice presidential candidate, was PolitiFact’s “Lie of the Year” at the end of 2009. On her Facebook page, she wrote that “the sick, the elderly, and the disabled” would suffer most.”

Opinion: Under the innocuous AP headline “What’s new for beneficiaries in a changing Medicare?”: “Grandma’s Medicare usually just paid the bills as they came in. Today, the nation’s flagship health-care program is seeking better ways to balance cost, quality and access.”

When you keep reading, you find that Sarah Palin’s prediction was dead (pun intended) on: “So far, the 2016 change getting the most attention is that Medicare will pay clinicians to counsel patients about options for care at the end of life.”

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