Defense Minister Naftali Bennett Ordered the Seizure of Funds from 32 Families of Terrorists


Israel Hayom: “The murder of Jews will stop being profitable,” the defense minister’s statement said.

Last week, for the first time, Bennett signed a confiscation decree totaling in the hundreds of thousands of shekels from eight convicted terrorists. These are Israeli citizens convicted of terrorist crimes, five of whom were sentenced to life in prison.

The confiscation order targets the monthly salaries these terrorists receive from the Palestinian Authority for the crimes they committed and also applies to their beneficiaries (i.e. their families), who receive the funds on their behalf.

Upon taking office, Bennett said he would step up the war on terror, including by employing what he called “targeted financial warfare.” Read More …

Opinion: The P.A. pays some $11 million dollars a month to terrorists in Israeli prisons and to their families, as part of a policy which has become known in Israel as “pay for slay.”

Only President Donald Trump has had the temerity to cancel payments to the PA.

Mahmoud Abbas, the terrorist president of the PA, whose group is credited with the 2015 “knife Intifada”, is warning that the decision to withhold payment for killing Jews will cause an “explosion”.

“Proclaim this among the nations: Prepare for battle!” Joel 4:9

Imagine if the policy were reversed and Israel had a bounty on the head of each Arab killed by indiscriminate rocket fire. Imagine the uproar of the United Nations, the European Union, and the progressive left of the United States.

The very fact that Abbas is upset at Bennett’s decree is an indictment against the nations for allowing the pay for slay policy that has been going on since ………wait for it ………