Dem ACLU Leader Quits Over Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Policy



Townhall: “Maya Dillard Smith, just quit her position at the civil rights organization over the issue.

Smith, a Democrat who was open minded to learning more about transgender issues, said there was no room for dialogue at the ACLU.

She told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly she tried to engage with the organization on the issue after she once entered a women’s public restroom with her young daughters and three transgender individuals entered, all over six feet tall, with deep voices, “all obviously men.”

The incident left her children “visibly frightened” and her feeling “very uncomfortable.”

Opinion: The progressive liberal talking points:

  1. Bathrooms and fights for civil rights go hand-in-hand
  2. Transgender people have to fight for authenticity as well as equality
  3. To opponents, “bathroom bills” suggest that what transgender people feel isn’t valid
  4. Conservatives argue that such bills are necessary to protect people’s privacy and public safety
  5. No evidence has been uncovered showing that such fears are warranted

Evidently, Maya Dillard Smith’s children didn’t get point 5.

In 2008 Barack Hussein Obama won the presidency with 365 electoral votes to McCain’s 173; he received the largest percentage of the popular vote for a Democrat since Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964.

Just 5 days earlier he promised the “Total Transformation of America”.

The people cheered.


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