Demonic arches in New York/London April 19: ‘Welcome signs’ for the Antichrist?



Christianity Today: “Christians should watch out for two events that will take place simultaneously on April 19 in New York City and London, Christian author Michael Synder says.

On that day, reproductions of the arch that stood in front of the Temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria are going to be erected in Times Square and in Trafalgar Square. That would coincide with an occult festival related to the worship of a demon named Baal.

Writing for Charisma News, Synder wonders whether the arches to be installed would be the giant “welcome signs” for the Antichrist.”

Opinion: This post is a follow-up from our post on March 21 “A Gateway Could Be Opened When the Temple of Baal Is Erected in Times Square”

The transition (natural year – transition from darkness to sunlight) from winter to spring begins March 20. In ancient Rome, the festival of Mars (March) the god of war, was celebrated, and that period from March 20-April 20 (Hitler’s birthday) has seen numerous tumultuous events.

In addition to historic events such as the start of the Revolutionary War (April 19, 1775), the Civil War (April 12, 1861), the period of March 20-April 20th has seen its share of world changing events since 1983.

  • Terrorist bombing of American Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon April 18, 1983
  • Waco/Branch Davidian fiasco April 18, 1993
  • Columbine school shooting April 20, 1999
  • Oklahoma City bombing April 19, 1995
  • Virginia Tech shooting April 16, 2007
  • Boston marathon bombing April 15, 2013
  • Brussels terror attacks March 22, 2016
  • Future: Opening of the Temple of Baal in New York and London April 19, 2016

And so we watch …

(additional reference Live science (.com) here)

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