Devout Catholic Joe Biden Does Not Know How To Pronounce Famous Book In Bible


Daily Wire: Democrat Joe Biden gave a Thanksgiving address on Wednesday where he, an allegedly devout Catholic, appeared to not know how to pronounce one of the most famous books in the Bible. Read More ...

Opinion: That could have been me. After spending most of my life as a Catholic and only having heard verses of the Bible read during Mass with little of no explanation or context, I get why Joe Biden didn’t know how to pronounce Psalms.

It began with my Mother inviting my wife to a Bible study. It grew troublesome when my wife announced that she had been born again. I was angry. I asked her to stop going to the study, and she quietly refused. Off she went each week with our 2 young boys in tow and I didn’t know where to begin. We were both raised Catholic and now she was not.

I caught a Billy Graham special on TV. At the end of the show, they had an 800 number to call for spiritual help. I called. They suggested I begin in Matthew and read one chapter each day. They sent me a book “My Utmost for His Highest”. I began to read and pray for help.

A few years later, we moved to a different city after a job promotion that required a lot of travel. By that time I had read the New Testament twice but was still confused. It was on a trip to California that everything changed.

As I left the house that morning, my wife who was to meet me in California later that night, asked if I was taking a Bible, to which I responded I didn’t have room in my briefcase. After a long silence from her, I went downstairs to get in my car when that silence bothered me. I went back in and found room for the Bible.

On the way to the airport, “Way Radio” was on and a preacher named Woodrow Kroll was teaching about how a person who committed a crime is brought before a judge. The judge finds the person guilty but before pronouncing sentence he gets off the bench and comes and stands next to the person and takes the punishments for the crime.

I was still confused. How could a person be born again and still sin?

On the flight from Ft Lauderdale to Dallas I busied myself with notes for the meetings ahead. Once in Dallas, I couldn’t find anything to read that interested me so I took the Bible out of my briefcase and boarded for a three hour flight.

I was sitting on an aisle seat and there was only one seat next to me by the window. A fellow sat down and I tried to remain invisible to avoid chatting, but he would have none of that. By the time we took off we had made introductions and after I told him what I did and where I was going he told me that he taught at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kentucky. I lifted the Bible from my lap and said “maybe you can help me with this”.

After a 3 hour Bible study, we arrived in San Diego. My new friend and I exchanged phone numbers. When I met up with my wife later that evening my greeting was “I will never be the same”.

That was 20 years ago and just this past week my friend and I reconnected by phone as we have been doing all these years.

I am not a fan of Joe Biden, but I get why he said it. There, but for the grace of God …