What is the purpose of interfaith dialogue?


PJ Media: What is — or rather should be — the purpose of interfaith dialogue?

When the Vatican and Pope Francis announce, as they recently did, that they are engaged in interfaith dialogue with leading Muslims, what exactly are they conveying to the world? What are they accomplishing?

The answer to this question is the difference between what true interfaith dialogue is — namely, an excellent thing that acknowledges and tries to overcome complications — and what most modern day interfaith dialogue amounts to: Soothing but false panaceas that serve only to suppress, leaving complications to fester and metastasize beneath the surface.

As an example of the latter, consider the “historical” document signed by Pope Francis and his Muslim counterpart, Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb of Al Azhar. Far from even hinting that Islam may be connected to all the terror and havoc caused in its name, the document pins all the blame on “incorrect interpretations of religious [Muslim] texts and to policies linked to hunger, poverty, injustice, oppression and pride.” more …

Opinion: Notice that this pope is embracing one Islamic leader after another. In fact, he never seems happier than when he is a little too close for comfort.

Image result for Pope Francis openly embraced a Muslim SheikBecause the best way to get control of Jerusalem is through 1.5 billion Muslims and the best way to be friends with Islam is to stay clear of any relationship with Jewish leaders.

Pope Francis visits Israel's separation barrier in Bethlehem

When Francis visited Israel in 2014, his scheduled route took him alongside the wall of separation near Rachel’s Tomb outside Bethlehem. His decision to step out of his white, open-sided popemobile and approach it – just days after the Vatican insisted his visit would not be controversial – was a surprise, even for members of his own entourage.

It was a page out of the Obama/Kerry ‘moral equivalence’ playbook in his appeal to both sides to end a conflict that the pope said was “increasingly unacceptable”.

As a final blow to the Israelis, Francis delivered a carefully written statement with Abbas in Bethlehem. Francis referred directly to “the state of Palestine” and again called on both sides to summon the courage to forge peace.

That the wall of separation has saved countless Israeli lives from Arab attacks is lost to this pope.

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