Did Salah Abdelsalem Stage His Capture To Misdirect Belgium Intelligence?



Debkafile: “The capture of the ISIS Paris master planner Salah Abdelsalem by Belgian anti-terror police, after four months on the run, was initially hailed as an enormous stroke of luck – that is until Tuesday, March 22.

The high-profile Islamic State terrorist, who planned the triple attacks on a Paris stadium, bistro and concert hall, that left 130 people dead last November, had instructed jihadist bombers under his command to carry out deadly explosions at Brussels airport and subway on that day, while he was in custody.

He staged his capture as a trick to misdirect Belgian and French intelligence and anti-terror agencies and lull them into a state of false security.”

Opinion: “Oh, how Esau shall be searched out!” Obadiah 1:6 warns the world that Esau’s deceptive cunning is hidden.

When the final Antichrist walks on the world stage he will come as a peacemaker as described by John in Revelation 6:1-3. He will carry a bow with no arrows and since the Church will not be here to identify him Revelation 3:10. He will deceive the whole world.


Source: Slider