Discovery Channel and Medical Journal Maps Erase Israel



Breitbart: “In yet another instance of Israel being wiped from the map, a documentary on the Discovery Channel features a graphic of the Middle East in which Jordan has expanded its borders to encompass the entire area of Israel.

The gaffe, exposed by media monitor, extends to Lebanon, which is also erased from the map. The documentary, called “North Korea is Burning,” is part of a series broadcast on the Discovery network’s Science Channel.

HonestReporting’s Managing Editor Simon Plosker commented, “Whether the result of deliberate malice or sheer incompetence, the result is the same: Israel has been erased from the map.”

Opinion: This is not the first time: Last year Harper Collins, owned by Rupert Murdoch, published a similar map::


And so it goes, the nations and most denominations of the Christian faith would prefer that Israel just disappear.

It can get lonely standing in the gap, Ezekiel 22:30.

(Thanks to Matt for sending this in)

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