Donald Trump’s business disaster is worse than you think



MarketWatch: “Donald Trump ran the worst performing casino company on the stock market. This isn’t a matter of “opinion.” This isn’t speculation or politics. It’s a matter of plain fact.

However, one person associated with Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts did make money:

Donald J. Trump.”

Opinion: Is America being hoodwinked again? Could it be that the Trump phenom is a repeat of 2008 when then Senator Barack Obama packed Town Hall meetings with soaring rhetoric and impossible goals and aspirations while keeping virtually everything about his past, including his birth certificate, college records and past friendships  shrouded in secrecy?

Well, here we go again. The Donald is refusing to release his tax returns and his off-the-record interview with the New York Times about his real plans for illegal immigrants.

Ben Smith, editor of BuzzFeed, reported last week the New York Times has an audio recording of Trump speaking to its editorial board on Jan. 5, an off-the-record portion of which features him admitting that the Republican front-runner intends to break his promise to deport 11 million illegal aliens.

What makes me suspicious is the 11 million number used that has been the unchanged estimate for years, even though illegals are constantly pouring in across the border.

Every election cycle seems to have a scandal just waiting for the light of day; we call this one TrumpTapes .

See Headline “Obama’s Double Migration “Surge”: Muslim “Refugees” and Unaccompanied Children” @


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