East Ukraine’s Donetsk Republic Will Hold Referendum To Join Russia


Zero Hedge: “Following the 2014 Crimean referendum which saw the Black Sea peninsula join Russia shortly after the Ukraine presidential coup and ensuing territorial conflict between pro-Kiev and pro-Moscow regions, many speculated it is only a matter of time before the Donetsk region, subsequently elevated into People’s Republic status, which has been engaged in constant warfare with the Kiev army (which is in such bad shape it recently drafted a disabled man without arms) would follow suit.

We now have the answer.

Having waited for over a year for the Ukraine civil war/conflict to be relegated to back page status, if that, Putin has finally given the green light, and as Xinhua reports, leaders of the self-proclaimed “Donetsk People’s Republic” are planning to hold a referendum on seceding from Ukraine and joining Russia, the Donetsk-based Ostrov news agency reported Wednesday.

Opinion: This is why Bible prophecy blows my mind every day. Our first post Monday morning was titled Putin calls an emergency defense meeting as tensions mount in Ukraine.”

The prophet Daniel 7:22-23 describes the revived Roman Empire as a beast without peer in history. Daniel called it the 4th beast, meaning that the empire is a reiteration of ancient Rome.

For Rome to revive, the nations that were a part of the empire will have to go back to their roots. In our post on Monday, we said “The obvious Biblical solution is for Ukraine to split.”

West Ukraine was a part of Rome from AD 117-138 under the Emperor Hadrian.

A map of Ukraine showing Donetsk shows its Russian roots while Kiev has Western roots:


Daniel 2:40-44 describes a fourth kingdom as a revived Roman Empire that will dominate the world in the last days. Daniel 7:23 says that the kingdom will trample the earth and in Daniel 9:26 we are told that the final dictator will emerge from somewhere inside its borders.

While researching Ukraine for our book Antichrist: The Search For Amalek, we discovered that Ukraine was the home of the Scythian Empire (700-300 BC). Scythians were known as fierce horsemen.

Jesus used four horsemen to describe the opening of the 7 year tribulation period.

  • Antichrist – White Horse
  • War – Red Horse
  • Economic collapse – Black Horse
  • Death and Disease – Pale Horse

Could Antichrist emerge from that region?

The nations that were part of the ancient Roman Empire need to return in fulfillment of prophecy.

The referendum is scheduled to take place some time in early to mid-November, or specifically two to four weeks after the Oct. 18 local elections, while the ballot papers for the referendum designed in the colors of the Russian flag have already been printed.