Infowars: European Union officials are reportedly trying to form an EU Olympic team for the 100th anniversary of the 1936 Berlin games that will devalue European national sovereignty.

Bill Etheridge, a representative of UKIP in EU Parliament, broke the news to the Daily Express, revealing that covert discussions are being held amongst EU officials ‘behind closed doors.’

“There have been quite a lot of conversations about it among other MEPs and it was being taken quite seriously by some of them,” he said. “They were using the word solidarity, which tends to be code for an even closer union.” more …

Opinion: On December 16, 2017 we posted the headline “Landmark Treaty Signed To Create EU Army”. Today it is the EU Olympic team.

European Union leaders are desperately working against Brexit. The UK voted for nationalism and the idea of love of country and love of culture is threatening the superstate.

We know that according to Bible prophecy a beast empire (Rev. 13:1-2) will eventually win, but will not get going in high gear until a strong leader emerges.

The interesting point here is that each new nationalist leader will bring turmoil to the superstate and hasten the final empire:

  • Hungary: The nationalist “Movement for a Better Hungary”
  • Austria: The FPÖ an alt-right party is part of the coalition
  • Cyprus: Far-right party ELAM entered parliament for the first time in May 2016 elections
  • Finland: True Finns emerged from obscurity, becoming the second-largest party in parliament
  • Sweden: Democrats are the third-largest party in the Swedish Riksdag, with 49 seats and 12.9 per cent of the national vote
  • Denmark: The nativist Danish People’s Party became the second-largest party in the 2015 general election
  • Italy: Local elections 2015 delivered big gains to the Eurosceptic, anti-immigration Northern League (Lega Nord) beyond its Venice power base.

On September 13, 2017 European Commission President Jean Claude Junker shocked the world by calling for a single leader to head the EU.

Junker and European elites view nationalism as a threat to the superstate as evidenced by the outright hatred they have for Donald J. Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan.

The rapid growth of nationalism will hasten the breakup of the EU and fulfillment of Daniel 7:24.