EU Secretly Building Transnational Military



The New American: “Officials with the European Union and its formerly sovereign member states are conspiring to usurp control over national militaries, with a goal of eventually building a transnational EU military loyal only to the unelected regime ruling Europe from Brussels. Outrage surrounding the plot, however, is growing.

The process, taking place without a shed of democratic legitimacy, is already well underway. German and Dutch forces, for example, are being “merged” into a unified command — the “nucleus” of the future EU force that will be beyond the reach of voters and their elected parliaments.

Under the guise of dealing with the orchestrated “refugee crisis,” the EU is also imposing a transnational armed force with power to intervene in members states, even against their will. EU military missions in Africa are also picking up steam. And the EU’s extremism is only growing.


Opinion: This article made the little hairs on my neck stand up. The EU has most of the requirements of an empire, with the exception of a military for defense of its member states.

  • Flag
  • Common currency
  • Member States
  • Elected parliament
  • Huge budget
  • Powerful bureaucracy
  • Central laws that supersede national laws of individual EU states
  • Military for protection of member states
  • Expansion – in size already comparable to the ancient Roman Empire

This new European Army will be led by the same nation that started the last two world wars: Germany.

That the EU is forming a protective force is no doubt precipitated by the well publicized reports of the weakened armies of the US and NATO, as well as the chaos over Angela Merkel’s immigration fiasco in Germany.

In Daniel 2, the prophet explained Nebuchadnezzar’s dream using a statue to describe 4 kingdoms and the revived empire, Rome:

The 10 toes of the statue represent the 10 kingdoms of Daniel 7:23-24 that will rule the world in the last days. The 11th king, Antichrist, will come (Daniel 9:26) from and rule from the empire  that destroyed the city (Jerusalem) and sanctuary (Temple) in 70 AD: the Roman Empire, or the European Union of today.

The Bible describes the 4 power blocks in the final battle of Armageddon as kings from the North (Ez. 38:1-6, South (Dan. 11;40), East (Rev. 16:12) and the king from the West, Antichrist, or Western Alliance (Rev.19:19).

The 11th king will have so much power that his armies will go undefeated until the final world war. That much power then, can only come the combined forces of the United States, NATO and the new EU army.



Source: Slider