Exit poll gives Netanyahu a 61-seat majority


The first exit poll published by Channel 12 News shows the Likud emerging as the largest party in the next Knesset with 30 seats. Yesh Atid is the second largest party with 24 seats.

The Religious Zionism party received 14 seats, the National Unity party 11 seats, Shas 10 seats, United Torah Judaism seven, Labor six, Meretz five, Ra’am five, Yisrael Beytenu four, and Hdash-Ta’al four. according to the exit poll.

נתניהו, סמוטריץ' ובן גביר, דרעי וגולדקנופף

The right-wing bloc under Benjamin Netanyahu would have a majority of 61 seats if the final results match the exit poll.

Another exit poll conducted by Channel 11 News gives the Netanyahu bloc 62 seats. In this exit poll, the Likud again received 30 seats, while Yesh Atid received 22. The Religious Zionism party received 15 seats, the National Unity party 13 seats, Shas 10 seats, and United Torah Judaism seven.

“Today Religious Zionism made history with the largest achievement ever for a religious Zionist party since the founding of the state.

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