Front Page Mag: While America’s eyes are focused on the battle to defeat ISIS in Syria and terrorist attacks in Europe, at colleges across the United States a coalition of terrorist-linked organizations are waging a propaganda war to destroy the Jewish state, annihilate the Jewish people and fan the flames of hatred for America as Israel’s “protector.” Led by Students for Justice in Palestine, the Muslim Students Association, and Jewish Voice for Peace, these organizations do not launch rockets at Israeli civilian targets or dig terror tunnels under Israeli kindergarten classrooms.

But they spread propaganda and take money and marching orders from those who do. Their mission is to whitewash actual terrorist attacks and promote the genocidal lies of terrorist organizations, specifically Hamas, whose stated goal is the destruction of the Jewish state.

In conducting these malevolent campaigns, these campus allies of the terrorists can count on the funding and protection of American universities like the University of California, who allow them to use their authority and prestige to lend this genocidal offensive an aura of respectability. more …

Opinion: Is it any wonder that former Obama US Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, is the current president at UC Berkeley?

Or …

That the SJP and MSA are Muslim Brotherhood front groups along with Hamas, al Qaeda and Islamic Jihad?

Or …

That Obama’s intended successor, Hillary Clinton’s most trusted adviser, Huma Abadin, had family ties to the Muslim brotherhood?

Why no, it is no coincidence, it was the plan all along to bring the Muslim Brotherhood to power first in Egypt, and then embed them in our US government as policy makers on US/Islamic relations.

But a third group is listed called the ‘Jewish Voice for Peace’. Surely that can’t be a MB sponsored group can it?

Why, yes again. At its annual banquet on Dec. 17, 2016 the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) finally found a Jewish group it likes.  CAIR gave its new “Defender of Liberty” award to Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP).

And CAIR is also a Muslim Brotherhood front group.

Oh what a tangled web we weave …


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