Fed Raises Interest Rates Despite Trump


Guardian: The US Federal Reserve raised interest rates again on Wednesday despite intense, and unprecedented, pressure from Donald Trump to leave rates unchanged.

After a two-day meeting the central bank announced rates would rise a quarter of a percentage point, to a range of 2.25% to 2.5%, the ninth such move since late 2015 and further signaling the Fed’s confidence in the US economy.

The closely watched Fed fund rates is used to benchmark interest rates worldwide, and the Fed’s move is parsed by investors worldwide for signals about the strength of the US economy. more …

Opinion: Or did the Fed raise interest rates to show its independence from Trump?

With inflation plummeting because of a global economy, and falling oil prices that impact up to 50% of the global economy, the primary reason to raise interest rates is gone.

Long time readers will know that I consider the Federal Reserve the ultimate globalist machine. The un-elected Fed Chairman/Board of Governors have complete control over US monetary policy with zero Congressional oversight, making it the most powerful financial institution in the world.

Take a trip back to 2009 when a new US president and Treasury Secretary were faced with a deep financial crisis. Then Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke worked hand and glove with Obama/Geithner to prop up the US economy by printing four trillion in counterfeit dollars and depositing them in ‘too big to fail’ banks.

Quantitative Easing (QE) enabled the US president to claim he saved the world from a depression …

… without ever mentioning that the $4 trillion counterfeit dollars would have to be paid back to the Fed in whatever means they deemed necessary.

Now, suppose just for a minute, that another Fed Chairman and enough of the board of governors decide that the US president is not to their liking. Suppose even further that the same Fed governor was willing to risk the economic well-being of the US to unseat the president?

Global government as defined by Daniel 7:23 does not allow for a lone economic superpower. If Donald Trump is either impeached or loses in 2020, we can expect Newton’s third law of physics to be in play in the same way it did in 2016.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.