Fed will aggressively dial back its bond buying, sees three rate hikes next year


Assessment: Can Chairman Powell really slow money printing and raise interest rates without crashing the markets? The next crisis will tell the story …

The Federal Reserve provided multiple indications Wednesday that its run of ultra-easy policy since the beginning of the Covid pandemic is coming to a close, making aggressive policy moves in response to rising inflation.

With the biggest deficit since WWII, the US thinks it can print mad money

For one, the Fed said it will accelerate the reduction of its monthly bond purchases.

The Fed will be buying $60 billion of bonds each month starting January, half the level prior to the November taper and $30 billion less than it had been buying in December. The Fed was tapering by $15 billion a month in November, doubled that in December, then will accelerate the reduction further come.

After that wraps up, in late winter or early spring, the central bank expects to start raising interest rates, which were held steady at this week’s meeting.

Projections released Wednesday indicate that Fed officials see as many as three rate hikes coming in 2022, with two in the following year and two more in 2024.

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