FEEDING THE WORLD: Israel Makes Deserts Bloom Around the Globe


Jews News: Israeli pioneers transformed an arid land into fertile green farmlands. Now Israelis are bringing the gift of water to nations around the world.

The young State of Israel was created on a land with an arid climate and a vast southern desert that comprised over half of the country. These challenges were overcome over the last 70 years through technology, innovative water management and a deep love of the land.

Israelis are now sharing their technology with nations around the world that are also faced with water shortages and arid desert climate.


Opinion: Surprised? Don’t be, modern day Israel is fulfilling Bible prophecy (Genesis 12:1-3):

 “… And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

God’s covenant with Abraham dates back 4000 years. In fact, God made three unconditional and everlasting covenants, not just with Abraham but with his descendants after him, also(Genesis 17:7-8)

Abrahamic Covenant:

  • To make Abraham a great nation, multiply his seed, and make him the father of many nations
  • To bless Abraham and make him great
  • To make Abraham a blessing to all the families of the earth
  • To bless those who bless him and curse those who curse him
  • To give Abraham and his seed all the land he could see, with specified, definite boundaries
  • To give a sign of covenant (circumcision)

Land Covenant: Sometimes called the Palestinian (land of Palestine) covenant:

  • An unconditional promise to Abraham and his descendants after him, eternal possession of the land of Palestine (Genesis 15:18, 17:7-8; Deut. 30:1-10).
  • God commanded the Israelites to let the land rest every 7th year even promising a triple harvest on the 6th year. Israel disobeyed.

Davidic Covenant:  God reaffirms the Abrahamic covenant with David adding that the blessings (Messiah) would be attached to his lineage (2 Sam. 7:1-16, 23:1-5; Ps. 89:34-37).

  • To make David’s name great
  • To provide a permanent, undisturbed home for Israel
  • To establish an eternal kingdom for David and his lineage

(This covenant will be fulfilled by the millennial reign of Christ on earth)

Just so there is no mistake, the land that God promised Abraham and his descendants, Isaac and Jacob (and no one else), is not the tiny sliver it is today:

Image result for land of israel promised by god

To show how God loved Jacob, despite his shortcomings, God changed the name of Jacob, (supplanter – ‘to take the place of often by trickery or force’) to Israel (because Jacob struggled/wrestled with God) Israel (Yisra’el) God prevails”.

Jacob’s new name reflected God’s blessing on him and the world.


  1. If anyone remembers the Left behind series, an Israeli scientist develops a new fertilizer that transforms deserts into farms.
    When I saw this story, it was the first thing that came to mind.

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