FISA Warrant Proves Deep State Surveillance of Trump Campaign


The New American: A newly revealed FISA warrant shows that a Trump campaign advisor was under surveillance by the Deep State during the campaign, adding even more evidence to Trump’s assertion that the Obama administration had targeted him and his campaign.

When President Trump took to Twitter last month to blast the Obama administration for using the intelligence community to wiretap Trump Tower, the liberal mainstream media and the Obama administration used words such as “sensational” and “false.”

As more and more information comes out, it is now clear that words such as “delusional” and “dishonest” would best describe those who denied what is now an established fact.

Opinion: So far the only evidence of a conspiracy in the Russia/Trump connection is on Susan Rice of Benghazi video fame.

You remember her, don’t you? It was just last week the Obamamedia went silent on the Russia connection after Susan Rice, who said Bowe Bergdahl served his country with honor and distinction, unmasked American citizens during surveillance on candidate Donald J. Trump.

And then said she didn’t.

Fox News reported yesterday “Members of the (Trump) family, and members of his campaign and transition teams, were likely subjects of “incidental electronic surveillance” by U.S. intelligence agencies. If the names were unmasked in intelligence reports and then leaked to the media for political reasons, it could constitute criminal behavior.”

A few thousand years ago a really smart guy named John said “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”