Flailing in the face of COVID-19, Israel is now on the brink of catastrophe

Members of the Israeli COVID-19 task force, part of the Israel Army Home Front Command, attend a meeting at the task force crisis headquarters in Ramla on September 30, 2020. - Israeli Health Minister Yuli Edelstein says that there is "no way" the country's second nationwide coronavirus lockdown will be lifted on October 10 as originally planned. (Photo by Emmanuel DUNAND / AFP)

Times of Israel: Having started off so well in its battle against COVID-19, it finds itself in the last few days with a higher death rate per capita than the United States. A higher daily rate of new confirmed cases than just about anywhere else on Earth.

A rate of positive tests rising, with some 40 percent of the most recent cases being diagnosed in the ultra-Orthodox community. More than 800 serious cases in our hospitals — the level, we have been told for months, at which the health service would be fully stretched — prompting an emergency directive from Health Ministry Director General Chezy Levy to free up 1,500 more beds in hospitals nationwide for COVID-19 patients.

So often tactically innovative, Israel has been exposed as strategically hapless in this pandemic, hamstrung by its bloated and dysfunctional government, which spends days bickering about regulations that it then changes week to week — toying with a public that is losing its (physical and mental) health, its income and its freedom of movement. Read More …

Opinion: While Covid statistics vary widely, Israel now claims to have the highest Covid-19 death rate per capita than the US, and the US ranks highest in countries where Covid has spread (here) …


And what do the United States and Israel have in common? A two state solution potentially dividing God’s land in direct violation of Genesis 12:3, 17:7-8: Joel 3:1-2, that’s what.

And with each passing day as details of the UAE/Bahrain peace deal emerge, both countries continue to get worse. The President of the United States and his wife now test positive for Covid.

Our post from October 1 (yesterday) shows diametrically opposite reports from Prime Minister Netanyahu who on September 16 assured the world that there was no two-state solution in the deal, and UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed who says there is.

UAE: Palestinian State At Pre-1967 Lines A Must Despite Peace Deal With Israel

The United Arab Emirates will insist on a two-state resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict based on the pre-1967 lines in spite of the peace deal it signed with Israel earlier this month, UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed told the UN General Assembly.

“The call for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on the borders of 1967 with east Jerusalem as its capital in line with the relevant international resolutions and the Arab and international consensus will remain a firm demand”

One side is hiding the truth about this peace deal. Satan may be dancing now, but God will not be mocked Galatians 6:7.