Focus shifts to shared goals with Obama as papal visit nears


AP News: “Obama has made no secret of his affection for the outspoken pope, calling him a “transformative leader” whose influence has transcended the Roman Catholic community. The pope has embraced many of the issues Obama has sought to advance, including global warming, poverty and diplomacy with Iran and Cuba.

Vice President Joe Biden, a Catholic, said the pope’s Sept. 23 visit will mark an important moment not only for Catholics but for all Americans.

“Pope Francis has breathed new life into what I believe is the central mission of our faith: Catholic social doctrine,” Biden said in a statement to The Associated Press. Invoking key elements of Obama’s agenda, Biden added that Francis “has become a moral rudder for the world on some of the most important issues of our time, from inequality to climate change.”

Opinion: The President and Vice president would rather focus on anti-capitalist ideology that Francis has made a hallmark of his papacy:

  • Why bother with ISIS-style decapitation and selling infant heads, lungs, and livers – thorny issues indeed
  • Why bother with the destruction of the Biblical definition of marriage – it is so last century
  • Let’s just leave any discussion of ILLEGAL immigration out of the conversation – just too contentious
  • No need for discussion about Francis’ support for a Palestinian state – everybody supports that!
  • And please don’t start with that ISIS slaughter-of-Christians thingy

No, let’s just focus instead on the complete transformation destruction of the foundation of America.