Foreign Fighter ‘Rat Line’ In Reverse: Turkey Sends Syrian ‘Rebels’ To Libya


Zero Hedge: Bloomberg has confirmed on Friday the prior rumors that Turkey will be sending mercenaries to Libya  where it is propping up the UN-backed government in Tripoli (the GNA) — are true. “Turkey is preparing to deploy troops and naval forces to support the internationally-recognized Libyan government, joining a planned push by Ankara-backed Syrian rebels to defeat strongman Khalifa Haftar,” reports Bloomberg.

Though Ankara has yet to confirm or deny the new reports, Erdogan’s Turkey has for years overseen a Libya-to-Turkey-to-Syria arms “rat line” which saw both heavy weaponry and jihadists fighters transported for the purpose of toppling Assad.

But now with Erdogan’s eyes set on defeating Benghazi-based General Khalifa Haftar, it appears this arms and jihadist rat line has conveniently been reversedRead More …

Opinion: Ok, class, what prophecy is buried in today’s headline? If you guessed the war of Gog and Magog – you are correct.

“Persia, Cush and Put will be with them” Ezekiel 38:4.

Phut or Put (Hebrew: פוט pûṭ; Septuagint Greek Φουδ Phoud) is the third son of Ham (one of the sons of Noah), in the biblical Table of Nations (Genesis 10:6; cf. 1 Chronicles 1:8).

The prophecy is from approx. 2500 BC and is now in the process of being fulfilled. If not for Hillary Clinton’s disastrous bungling of Benghazi resulting in the deaths of 4 US diplomats, the US might still be in Libya, and Recep Erdogan would not have an open opportunity to build a military base in the oil rich nation.

All roads lead to prophecy.

Middle East Monitor report December 19, 2019:

Turkey is set to establish a military base in Libya, according to Turkish media reports earlier this week, as President Recep Tayyip weighs up the possibility of intervention in the country’s civil war.

Yeni Shafak reported on Monday that the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Turkish parliament had approved a recent agreement between Turkey and Libya on military cooperation. It also includes provisions for launching a “quick reaction force” if requested by the Libyan government

Recep Erdogan or a like-minded Turkish leader will join Russia, Iran, Cush and Put in a war that will permanently change the hearts and minds of the Jewish people, bringing then back to covenant relationship with God and demand a temple for atonement.

“So the house of Israel shall know that I am the Lord their God from that day forward” Ezekiel 39:22.

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