Forget Oil. Now They Are Coming for the Cows


First, they came for the oil, now they’re coming for the cows. Environmentalists have no shame or sense and farmers around the world are, forget the pitchforks, “setting hay bales ablaze and dumping manure on motorways,” report April Roach, Tracy Withers, Jen Skerritt, and Agnieszka de Sousa for Bloomberg.

Never mind that food prices have spiked around the world. For instance, grocery prices are up 13 percent in the US this year. The Dutch government said it would buy out as many as three thousand of the biggest emitters (farmers) in a voluntary one-time offer. While the weather turns cold and gas supplies become scarce the green gang in Holland is setting aside €24.3 billion ($25.6 billion) to fund the transition. “Those who refuse will be forced out of business,” reports Bloomberg.

There is a way that seems right to a man,
But its end is the way of death.” Proverbs 14:12

Facts About Sheep | Live Science

Bloomberg’s quartet of reporters doesn’t say what the government will do with the land once they seize it, but you can detect their point of view with this, “Intensive farming—and decades of official inaction—have devastated biodiversity in the Netherlands, forcing the government to impose drastic measures.”

“Devastated biodiversity?” This is food we’re talking about. Something humans require. Mother nature deals farmers enough bad hands, what with droughts, floods, fires, and pests. Now, the heavy hand of government believes it must get rid of cows because, well, they fart and urinate.

“From farm to fork, the food system generates about 31 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions,” the Bloomberg quartet explains. “Cows and sheep emit planet-warming methane simply by digesting food; their manure and urine are a source of nitrogen oxide which, in large volumes, throws ecosystems off kilter.”

Having millions of people go hungry sounds more “off kilter” to me. “If action isn’t taken fast, researchers estimate that food-related emissions alone would push the Earth past 1.5C of warming that world leaders set as a target in the 2015 Paris Agreement.” Oh no.

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  1. Go hungry? Nah, “they’ll” simply have everyone eat lab-grown meat (also known as in vitro meat). Thankfully the FDA says it’s safe so when they speak, people listen. It’s the gold seal of approval so you know it’s really, really safe.

    Now sure the FDA approved many drugs like Vioxx that harmed people (upwards of 500,000 deaths but let’s cut them some slack. I’m sure this time it’s different.

    Adverse effects in SLH-fed rats
    In light of these limitations, it is remarkable that the SLH-fed rats did show a large number of statistically significant potentially adverse effects, compared with the control group – for example:

    * unexplained transient decrease in body weight gain
    * increase in food consumption without weight gain
    * changes in blood chemistry
    * decreased reticulocyte (immature red blood cell) count (this can be a sign of anemia and/or damage to the bone marrow where red blood cells are produced)
    * decreased blood clotting ability
    * decreased blood levels of alkaline phosphatase (can indicate malnutrition and/or celiac disease)
    * increased blood albumin (can indicate acute infection or damage to tissues) and potassium values (can indicate kidney disease)
    * decreased blood glucose (low blood sugar) and chloride (can indicate kidney problems)
    * increased blood globulin values (common in inflammatory disease and cancer).4

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