France fuel protests: Tear gas fired in clashes in Paris


BBC: Riot police and protesters have clashed in central Paris during a third weekend of nationwide “yellow vest” rallies sparked by rising fuel prices.

Police fired tear gas, stun grenades and water cannon on the Champs Elysees while masked protesters hurled projectiles at officers.

What began as protests over President Macron’s fuel tax has transformed into general anger at high living costs.

Mr. Macron says his fuel policies are needed to combat global warming. more …

Opinion: The Donald Trump/Saudi engineered drop in oil prices is a massive tax cut for the global economy with the exception of France that is.

Emmanuel Macron, whose approval rating has dropped to 26%, is bound and determined to raise fuel prices more than six euro cents a liter (about 26 U.S. cents a gallon), effective on Jan. 1, 2019. to prove what a globalist he is, just as the UN new world order maniacs gather in Katowice, Poland (here) for … wait for it ….  another global warming US hate fest that began yesterday.

As usual it is the middle class in France gets the short end of the stick, since many of the protesters are commuters residing in less-affluent suburban and rural areas, where housing tends to be more affordable and where many drive to work.

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  1. These yellow vest protest have spread to Brussels as well.
    Italy and Greece can’t control their spending. The EU has had to bail out Greece before and Italy’s latest budget submitted to the EU was rejected because they werespending more than they propose to bring in.
    So if Greece and Italy decide to hike their taxes then I would expect the yellow vests to start there.
    Protest can end up with governmental change. Remember the arab spring.
    What better time for a new leader to emerge with a fresh economic plan that will solve the EU’s problems.

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