Gaza offshore island project gaining steam, says intelligence minister



JPost: “A proposal to provide the Gaza Strip with an outlet to the rest of the world through a man-made island could soon become a reality, Intelligence and Transportation Minister Israel Katz said Monday.

Although the idea of building this artificial island has been floating around for years, real headway has only been made in the recent months, according to Katz, who estimates the project will cost some $5 billion.

The project would include a 5 km. bridge from the Gaza Strip through Israeli waters and into the planned 8 sq. km. chunk of land, which likely would have a marine port and, eventually, an airport, in addition to a hotel and small port for yachts.”

Opinion: There is one demand that made me laugh out loud: among Hamas’ conditions for a long-term truce with Israel is the reopening of the Strip’s Yasser Arafat Airport.

Yasser Arafat is the father of modern day terrorism, who for the 10 years following the 1967 war led the PLO on a campaign to destroy every Jew in Israel.

The same guy whose extortion rackets, illegal arms dealing, drug trafficking, and money laundering made him one of the world’s wealthiest terrorists at one point worth $3,000,000,000.

This is the same Arafat who engineered two intifadas that accounted for the deaths of thousands of innocent Israeli men, women, and children and along with his deputy Mahmoud Abbas planned the brutal massacre of 11 Israeli athletes in the 1971 Olympics.

And Israel is expected to approve it.

Only the son of perdition could dream this up.



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