General Kelly’s Reaction To The President’s UN Speech


Washington Post: President Trump’s chief of staff looked embarrassed — a relatively mild assessment among the tens of thousands who have passed around a photo of John F. Kelly listening to his boss address the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, head in hand.

A Washington Examiner editor, for example, thought Kelly “went through some sort of existential crisis” during the speech, in which Trump at one point threatened to “totally destroy North Korea.”

The Russian government’s state news outlet, Sputnik, noted Kelly’s “facepalming” reactionmore ….

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Opinion: I couldn’t quite put my finger on exactly what bothered me so much about the above two pictures until I remembered our post from August 3, 2017 titled:

“What Are Generals Mattis & Kelly So Afraid Of?”

“Deep in the background of an AP report on the decision to replace Anthony Scaramucci with  John Kelly, The Hill reports that two of President Trump’s top advisers reportedly agreed in the early days of the administration that they would not leave the United States at the same time, in order to ensure they could monitor orders coming from the White House.”

In case Kelly’s reaction yesterday is passed of as coincidence, there is this …

… and a third general known for purging Trump loyalists and protecting Obamaites.

I am getting nervous just typing this.

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  1. I do not trust any of the current Trump administration members any more than I trust Trump’s judgement on his picks. The only two that I had trusted to do their jobs truthfully are gone now. Those two were Gorka and Bannon. All of the rest (and in my opinion this includes Trump) are left-wing globalists easily fooling the American public into believing they are Republican/conservative.

    It should really be no secret that the United States of America is a one party nation. There are some who wish to make a difference, but for the most part they are far too silent and laid back about the whole thing. It must be difficult for them to sit back and watch the government bury the nation.

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