WND: Long known for its ties to Saudi royals – who helped foot the bill for its Islamic studies program – Georgetown University is also strongly tied to radical elements in Qatar who call for killing Jews.

In fact, it has a satellite campus in Doha, Qatar, and is hosting a lecture Tuesday evening by a convicted felon and known member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a designated foreign terrorist organization.

The fact that Al-Arian pleaded guilty to a felony and was deported to Turkey is never mentioned. more …

Opinion: Georgetown is not only Catholic but it is a Jesuit school. For the low-low price of just $48,000 per year your child can get thoroughly indoctrinated into progressive globalist ideology complete with anti-Israel lecturers like Sami Al-Arian.

And who is the most powerful Jesuit in the world you ask? Why that would be Pope Francis himself, who recently welcomed one of the most well known terrorists in the world to the Vatican for the third time:

Image result for pope francis welcomes Mahmoud abbas to the vatican for the third time

And just to make it extra special, Francis allowed Mahmoud Abbas to open the very first Palestinian embassy on European soil at the Vatican:

Image result for pope francis welcomes palestinian embassy

Matthew 7:16

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