Glenn Beck: Biden’s tax proposal targets bank accounts with more than $600


Assessment: The shale oil revolution combining hydraulic fracking and horizontal drilling enabled the United States to become an energy independent exporter, free of Middle East pressure has been summarily dismissed by Joe Biden. The Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance Score is government’s way of adding new taxes to the pain at the pump it caused.

On “Glenn TV” Wednesday, Glenn Beck said he’s just as nervous about America’s future today as he was in 2007, except this time it’s not just the economy he fears is near collapse. Inflation is out of control. You feel it every time you buy anything these days. And now, even with income tax, sales tax, property tax, death tax, capital gains tax, and ESG-related tax rate increases, the taxes you’re paying are no longer enough for the government.

“… And he who earns wages,
Earns wages to put into a bag with holes.” Haggai 1:6

To ensure you’re paying your “fair share,” the Biden administration now wants to require banks to report aggregate transactions into and out of all personal and business bank accounts whose “inflows and outflows of an account total at least $600 in a year, or if the account has a fair market value of at least $600.”

“It’s $600,” Glenn exclaimed. “That’s not for the wealthy. That’s for everyone.”