Globalists Admit Trump Election Is Serious Challenge



The New American: “For U.S. internationalists, the election of Donald Trump poses a monumental challenge,” wrote Stewart M. Patrick, in a Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) blog, The Internationalist, in reaction to the stunning upset victory of Trump in Tuesday’s presidential election.

What concerns Patrick is not just Trump himself, but the growth of the anti-globalist movement, noting, “Two decades ago, Patrick J. Buchanan’s pitchfork populism attracted no more than twenty percent of the Republican electorate. Today his ideological heir is bound for the White House.”

Opinion: Day three:

  • Globalists on the ropes
  • Canada willing to re-negotiate NAFTA
  • Mexico no problemo

In three short days the Obamas are old news, the Clintons are in oblivion, Huma and Carlos Danger are off the front page, and formerly not-so-willing nations are willing.


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