Globalization of Education: Producing Green Global Citizens


The New American: “For years, Americans have been up in arms over the Obama administration’s unconstitutional efforts to nationalize education, primarily through Common Core. Especially concerning is the White House bribing and bludgeoning our state governments to surrender control over our schools. The outrage is still growing.

But a peek beneath the surface reveals that the nationalization of American schools is actually just one component of a much broader global agenda: the globalization of education. This is being openly pushed by the Obama administration, the United Nations, UNESCO, Common Core financier Bill Gates, the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg summit attendees, and many other powerful forces. It is all public record.”

Opinion: And providing the moral imperative, the Vatican. The new word has replaced archaic words and titles like global warming and climate change with … Sustainability.

At 2 minutes and 12 seconds the purpose of the indoctrination is clearly stated “Schools can nurture a new generation of environmentally savvy citizens to support a prosperous and sustainable future.”

Get ready cause this globalist utopian nightmare is heading for UN oversight – complete with draconian taxes and millions of regulations.

The revived Roman Empire has found it’s religion …  Pope and all.


  1. Helena Blavatsky wrote “The Secret Doctrine” and founded Theosophy;

    Her disciple, Annie Bessant, in turn, discipled Alice Bailey;

    Alice Bailey wrote, among numerous other books, “Education in the New Age”….

    Bailey’s disciple, former Asst. Sec. Gen. of the United Nations, Robert Muller, is the developer of the “World Core Curriculum” with its globalist education agenda.

    Former President George W. Bush, in 2003, re-committed the US to the UNESCO treaty–which even then had the stated goal of placing all primary and secondary education under the control of UNESCO….by 2015.

    The devil has been working to take control of education, globally, for a very long time…

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