Government Now “Greatest Threat” to U.S., Warns Pastor MacArthur


The New American: Despite claims by Joe Biden that alleged man-made global-warming and supposed “systemic racism” are the greatest threats to America, one of America’s best-known evangelical pastors says neither of those even exist. Instead, Pastor John MacArthur of Grace Community Church, who influences millions of Christians around the world, argued that “the government” itself is actually now the greatest threat to the nation.

The comments are especially noteworthy because MacArthur for decades has been known for vigorously urging Christians to submit to the government. In fact, his views on the subject were so strict that he has even accused America’s Founding Fathers of being in sin for declaring independence from their colonial rulers in London. He has also chastised Christians for being too attached to their constitutionally protected rights.

In a recent sermon delivered at his Southern California mega-church headlined “When Government Rewards Evil and Punishes Good,” Pastor MacArthur mocked Biden’s claims about the imagined threats facing America. “Our president said in the last month that the greatest threat to America, he said, on one occasion, is systemic racism, which doesn’t exist,” the pastor argued. “He said white supremacy, which doesn’t exist with any power. And then he said global warming, which doesn’t exist either, and if it does, God’s in charge of it.”

The congregation giggled as the pastor summarized Biden’s increasingly unhinged views about the alleged threats facing America. But then MacArthur dropped a bomb shell.

“In reality,” he said, “the greatest threat to this nation is the government.”