Guest Post: German Court Says Islamic ‘Sharia Patrol’ Legal



Breitbart: “A German court has thrown out a case against a group of extremist Salafist ‘sharia police,’ for the second time, claiming they have not broken the law.

The case centres on the claim the men breached a ban on political uniforms after they donned orange vests bearing the words “sharia police”. The law was originally brought in to criminalise organised Neo-Nazi and Brown Shirt patrols in Germany.

 According to the judges, however, the Islamic patrol was not illegal because the uniforms were not “suggestively militant” and did not have an “intimidating effect,” Die Welt reports.

Opinion: What you are seeing here is an Islamic nation rising up within a nation, Germany. Note, there are more Sharia law patrols now demanding that German citizens not drink, gamble, listen to music or go to nightclubs. The German courts have ruled, “not a problem.” This Muslim strategy that is working is called “population jihad”…when Muslims isolate in a foreign country until they have enough numbers to defy the host country’s laws in favor of Sharia law, a law of submission to Allah (Islam means “submission.”).

How will this work in the future? It won’t. Germans will become submissive or else. It will be the timid Germans that change their ways  under threat of violence, not the brainwashed Muslims who are willing to die to take over Germany. In other words, countries in Europe similar to Germany who are overwhelmed by Muslim migrant refugees are screwed…by political correctness.

So far political correctness is incurable and has no vaccine or antibiotic. As a country we better find a cure quickly. Imam Obama has opened the floodgates for Muslim refugees who are flooding into America with the same game plan to overwhelm timid Americans as they build their Islamic nation within our American nation. Times are a changin’…

We’re not in Kansas any more, Toto …

(Thanks to Steve for this post)

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