Hamas Begs Egypt to Stop Flooding Gaza Terror Tunnels



Breaking Israel News: “Hamas on Sunday sent a delegation to Egypt in an effort to beseech Egyptian security officials to stop destroying its tunnels out of Gaza.

These terror tunnels, employed by the terrorist group for nearly a decade, are used to store weapons, smuggle supplies, and infiltrate enemy territory – Israel – as well as carry out surprise attacks in which people are killed and soldiers abducted.”

Opinion: Imagine an NFL team called the Butchers who actually cut the opposing team on the field. Further imagine the NFL commission as the UN who impose no fines and ignore the bloodshed.

Then, imagine that one Governor (Egypt) of one state stands up and tries to stop the bloodshed by outlawing knives on the field.

Do you see how hard it is to come up with an analogy?

The PA will not stop the stabbings and car rammings on innocent Israeli citizens, even going so far as to praise those killed in the act of violence martyrs.

The US in 2015 provided the Palestinian Authority $370 billion tax payer dollars. While the amount is a 20% decrease from previous years, the payment has no pre-conditions to stop the violence.


Source: Slider